Nightlife – real life

Trap for bats at Railway Fields

What an astonishing night at Railway Fields last Saturday! Bat expert Huma and her two volunteers set up a bat trap and the public saw bats close up, in real life, held in the hand, before ringing and release. No bat photo ever appealed to me in the slightest. In real life they were beautiful, perfectly-made, heart-achingly vulnerable. I’ll never feel the same about bats. It was a surprise in more ways than one  – We’d expected only a bat walk.

E-bay is where you can buy nearly anything, that’s where we got the owl pellets that are coughed up by owls!! Why? Cos they’re fascinating to dissect, inside are the tiny bones of their prey: mice, voles, shrews etc. The Cabin was full of people

Grandfather & child dissect owl pellets in Cabin

who Lizzy helped pick out the bones using pincers, water and trays. They found a jaw-bone with miniscule teeth, a lilliputian femur etc. We used a microscope connected to laptop for close view. For people who missed the owl activity, there are still some pellets Lizzy can help you investigate on Saturday 30th September (10.30am-12.30pm).

We also set a moth-trap which attracted a small number of colourful creatures, released unharmed afterwards into Railway Fields’ beautiful habitats.  Doing that is almost the best part.


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