25 Years of Fungi Fun in Harringay

IMG_2342Last month it was the 25th Annual Harringay Fungi Foray. This long running event was set up by local naturalist David Bevan and continued by Ted Tuddenham. This year the foray was lead by Al Skipp, Mark Spencer and Keir Mottram. The foray started at Railway Fields with a brief introduction of what fungi are and a search around the site. There the most common finds were candlesnuff fungus, scaly earthball and jelly ear.  Then the group moved on to Queens Wood, where 55 different species of mushrooms were found, including some edibles. The final site was Alexandra Palace Park, where over 60 different species were found, including 7 species of colourful waxcaps. The variety of waxcaps found at Ally Pally is a good indicator of a diverse, unimproved (free from fertilisers) grassland habitat. Then it was time to return to Railway Fields for a taster of the edible mushrooms, which included trooping funnel, hen of the woods and shaggy ink caps (kindly brought along by Mario, from Kensington Gardens, along with a giant puffball, big enough to feed 30 people).








A big thank you to everyone who came along, and especially to those who helped with the transport.




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One Response to 25 Years of Fungi Fun in Harringay

  1. Mary Hogan says:

    What a day! Thanks for this informative and colorful account 😊

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