Marvelous Moths

IMG_0003On 21sth August, the Friends of Railway Fields set the moth trap to find out about the number and variety of moths that live at Railway Fields. The trap is a wooden box, with clear Perspex panels at the top and a light to attract the moths. The bottom was covered with egg boxes, giving the moths plenty of nooks and crannies to hide in.

The following morning, moth expert Dan Hackett helped to identify the moths (not to mention a few midges, a forest bug and an ex-wasp) who had made their way into the trap. Dan had brought his microscope with him, and it was wonderful to study the moths and other insects in so much detail. After identifying the moths, they were released back into the wild.

The moths identified were:

  • Jersey Tiger moth 
  • Copper underwing
  • Lesser broad-bordered yellow underwing
  • Large yellow underwing
  • Endotricha flammealis
  • Chequered fruit tree tortrix
  • Bell moth
  • Grass moth
  • Tree-lichen beauty

And the other non-moths that were also in the trap were:

  • wasp 
  • non-biting midge
  • forest bug
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3 Responses to Marvelous Moths

  1. Great. I wish I had been there. Are there any plans for a follow-up?

  2. Mary Hogan says:

    Thanks so much for writing this Jenny! What a happy memory. I love the photo of the Jersey Tiger Moth. The same day I saw another one on site that escaped the trap. It had red instead of the yellow, which is a normal variation.

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