Hedgerow heroes

Work on the hedgerow gets underway

Spring was definitely in the air today for our conservation session. Warmed by the sunshine and accompanied by a chorus of birdsong, we set about today’s task: working on the hedgerow alongside Railway Fields’ main cobbled path.

Robin and Matthew at the thorny end...

After a year’s growth, the hedge needed some tidying up. We did this by weaving the new growth back into the hedge to thicken and strengthen it. Where the branches were too thick to bend, we’d cut them about a third of the way through with a saw – this is enough to bend them and weave them in without killing off the branch. Elsewhere it was a matter of lopping off the very tall or thick branches that had sprouted during the year.

The hedgerow after its haircut

Afterwards we visited the bees, which are much more active in the sunshine and were busily going in and out of the hive. Keith showed us how we could add some green growth to the dead hedge around the hive by planting cuttings of hawthorn, which will take root and grow.

Keith shows us how to bring life to a dead hedge

A big thank you to all the hedgerow heroes, who did a fantastic job despite the thorns! Next time (31 March) we’ll be doing some important path maintenance work to make sure Railway Fields remains accessible and safe for all its visitors. We’d love you to join us!

Helen and Keith enjoying the sunshine!

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3 Responses to Hedgerow heroes

  1. Tam Neal says:

    Great photos Caroline… God I’ve got to loose some weight (hem-hem)… Thoroughly enjoyed the session. See you all soon.


  2. Mary Hogan says:

    Well done hedgerow heroes! Sorry I couldn’t be there this month. Hope to make it March 31.

  3. wannadoart2day says:

    Great to see hedgerow conservation in action . . . . .

    Hedgerow Art Weaving at wannadowart.wordpress.com

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